Product Manager
Application Manager
Area Manager
Customer Support Manager (Service)
Executive (Sales)
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Product Manager  :
Jobs Profile :
1. To be totally responsible for sales & service of the product on all India basis.
2. Achieving the sales target for the year set by the management, collection of payments, sales tax/other forms for the product line, complaints, keeping the expenses under control within the budget
3. Based on the yearly target, with the efforts earlier made and the information available to distribute and fix the target quarterly and yearly for different regions.
4. Ensure suitable persons are recruited and made available in all the regions and all infra structural equipments such as demo are available.
5. Proper enquiry generation systems are evolved at regional level and necessary monitoring /controls are provided at the HO to review the progress regularly for effective results.
6. Proper customer retention programmes are in place for continuous growth and sustained market share.
7. Provide all publicity materials such as leaflets, introductory letters to all customers& CD with power point presentation on the subject.
8. To prepare all training materials /slides etc to organize periodic programme for imparting product knowledge and the scope for the products in the industry.
9. Prepare list of exhibitions/trade fair to be attended and estimate of expenses approved by the management.
10. Ensure to get all weekly reports on visits made and progress. Analyze the reports and take actions for an efficient working
11. Arrange periodic Training programme for customers and staff on product knowledge, Better use of equipments applications / scope and need for periodic servicing AMC/Calibration
12. Based on the competition to undertake all development work for gaining the desired market share and growth. In a pro active manner.
13. Ensure desired profitability and the products as a profit centre.
14. Will submit a fortnightly report on the value of sales achieved, orders expected for the next three months, actions taken, help if any required from the management, all other information as required per MCL documents circulated.
15. The above is only a guideline for the job. All necessary work related to achieving the set goals is expected to be taken care of by the person, even if it is not clearly outlined.
16. Will report to Director for his responsibilities.
Basic requirements :
° A degree holder in science or Engg or diploma in respective subject.
° Min. 5/6 years field experience in the same or similar line in a responsible position in an organization of repute.
° An achiever of results with a proven track record. Exposure of various applications desirable.
° A self motivated person with a penchant for excellence in performance.
° Meticulous and systematic in approach to achieving results. A good motivator and leading from the front for a good teamwork.
° Smart with good work culture with positive attitudes for achieving results required. Compensation package comparable to the best in the Industry
Application Manager  :
Jobs Profile :
1. To guide the product managers to widen the scope of product.
2. To study in detail the products handled and prepare the scope of applications sector wise .
3. Help /Prepare the list of prospective buyers area wise and sector wise.
4. Study the competitors product & prepare comparative merits and features , highlighting the benefits of the product ,scope of the products in different sectors of the industry. Provide the salient features to prepare the introductory letters and other power point presentations for different products to be used by all our marketing staff.
5. Ensure with each of the Product Managers are provided with all technical features and benefits of products for different applications in different sectors of the industry.
6. Will be totally responsible to provide all technical features for various products handled by the respective Product Managers in the Area with comparative merits with competitors.
7. Any details and information he will arrange with the concerned to contact the suppliers and compile the relevant information.
8. At the request of the product Managers to arrange for presentation /demo of the product. In all such cases he will provide a detailed report indicating the contents of the presentation and the scope available together with the follow up actions required to be taken care of by the Product Managers concerned. Actions subsequent to Demo/Presentation if not progressing as per plan to keep informed the management in time for action.
9. For all product lines in the area allotted should draw a clear plan for imparting application scope in different sectors to all the product managers in the area. All necessary presentation /slides to be prepared for imparting knowledge on applications to customers as well our product managers.
Basic requirements :
° Academically qualified with a degree in science or engineering.
° Overall exposure to various aspects of manufacturing engineering/Quality Assurance/control in an organization of repute.
° Minimum 5/6 years of experience in a responsible position to manufacturing/ quality control/ development of product/ technology in a large organization
° Exposure in metrological applications desirable. Especially applications utilizing CMM, Profile projectors, Spring Testers, High end Integrated systems to assess the quality of material.
° Should have attended some of the recognized training progrmmes.
° Competence in solving technical problems thro ‘ software etc.
° Conversant with the existing modern manufacturing trends with emphasis on the changes taking place and the relevant IS/ISO standards for materials /production techniques.
° Should play a proactive role with Product Managers to achieve the targets set by widening the scope of applications for the products and arrange regular demos with manufacturing units.
Area Manager  :
Jobs Profile :
1. Totally responsible for achievement of target business in the area for all the variety of products with the help of respective product Managers.
2. To distribute the work between the staff available. and fix target for different products in the area of his operation
3. Plan the publicity material such as profile of the company, the individual suppliers, power point presentation for each of the products, slide/charts etc. for training programme introductory letters for each of the product line.
4. With the help of the Application Managers to prepare the salient features of each of the products, assess the competitors strength & weakness and decide the marketing policy to achieve the targets.
5. Plan the programme for all the marketing staff to ensure effective cover of all products and commitments.
6. Ensure that the database is fully updated and direct mailers are sent to all prospective clients.
7. To visit all those to whom the mailers have been sent as follow up for enquiry generation and further action.
8. Arrange demonstration/ presentation with the help of Application / Product Managers to finalise the business.
9. Prepare list of exhibitions/trade fair to be attended and estimate of expenses approved by the management.
10. To ensure all customers service requirements are attended to in time. Problems if any should be taken up with suppliers thro' Product/Application Managers.
11. Suppliers are apprised with competitors activities and case studies of lost orders are given to improve the performances of the products and special prices are negotiated.
12. Avenues for enquiry generation / customer retention programmes are explored to make them effective.
13. Whenever Suppliers reps./Experts visit the country to arrange for meeting with the concerned to take advantage of the visit to promote the business. Arrange seminar to impart product knowledge /Calibration /servicing to clients & our staff, utilizing the visit of suppliers reps.
14. To get registration with all undertakings in public/ private for the company & products handled to get regular enquiries from them as and when it is raised.
15. 15. To review the working of those concerned with him for the progress as per target, clearing of outstanding / tax forms etc., execution of pending orders etc.
Basic requirements :
° Academically qualified with a min. Degree in commerce/science/ engineering
° Experience in marketing of industrial products for a min. Of 5/6 years in responsible position in a large / similar organization.
° Well exposed to the import/export business norms , the commercial implications of special status for defence / govt. units for the customs / excise duty procedures & business handling etc.,
° Self motivated and systematic working and to ensure all relevant management information details are sent to concerned in time.
° To periodically analyze the enquiry / order conversion ratio & profitability of working Qty. of equipment supplied Vs AMC ,Supply of spares supplied etc.
° Case study of problems and keep the suppliers of all the improvements required to be carried out to improve the quality & dependability of the products.
° Compile all relevant information of expansion projects and new projects coming in his area and ensure to get enquiries in time for developing business.
° Capable of imparting the spirit of team work between all concerned for business improvements by leading the people by his example.
Customer Support Manager (Service)  :
Jobs Profile :
1. His main responsibility to provide total Customer satisfaction and achieve the targets fixed for AMC, Calibration
2. Will assess the requirements of various regions and fix the targets for different areas.
3. Will plan and arrange to undertake services of installation, commissioning, servicing, calibration & training to all customers on all India basis.
4. Adequate knowledge on all the equipment marketed along with electronic control and software is essential.
5. Ensure all manuals with spares clearly marked with product code are compiled. All service engineers are fully informed of the product code.
6. All complaints are carefully analyzed and the problems are well understood.
7. Correct solutions for solving the complaints are evolved and circulated with the help of suppliers.
8. Details of problems are well compiled and the case study details are sent to suppliers regularly as feed back from customers to get their comments and to improve the quality and reliability of the products.
9. Periodic training is conducted to review the service norms and to impart the latest information and techniques practiced in solving the problems.
10. Arrange to pick up the training requirements of service staff and arrange for providing the training internally otherwise arrange externally.
11. Prepare suitable mailers to clients explaining the need for AMC/Calibration & usage of genuine spares for a good performance of equipment and circulate to the customers.
12. He will ensure that all under warrantee and AMC visits are made in time.
13. Suitable checklist will be available with all service engineers and to be duly filled in and signed after completing the servicing or calibration work.
Basic requirements :
° Person with a degree in Engineering, Preferably with an Electronic background is preferred.
° Should have exposure to metrology and calibration. Person with a min. of 5/6 years experience in similar field in a large organization desirable.
° Should be conversant with product details on Height Gauge, surface plate and other allied instruments
Executive (Sales)  :
Jobs Profile :
1. Should take all actions to bring business as per targets fixed.
2. Should maintain a good rapport with clients.
3. Will plan for visits based on products and area wise on a weekly basis. And submit his visit report every week
4. He will prepare list of prospective buyers once a month and ensure to complete the visits within the period planned.
5. Will conduct regularly demonstrations to prospective buyers.
6. Will collect all the outstanding payments and the tax forms from clients.
7. Will arrange visits as per the guidelines given by Area Manager and submit the visit reports and other expense statement in time.
8. In a month he should visit a minimum of 60 clients and every month at least 10 new prospective clients are to be visited.
9. Will abide by Rules and Regulations of the company for discipline and behavior.
Basic requirements :
° Min. a Degree in science or diploma in Engg.
° Should have a min. 2/3 years marketing experience in industrial products
° Should be fluent in Marathi & Hindi. Good working knowledge of English.