Contract Inspection Programming
Upgrading the Existing CMM
Are your equipments accurate as it could be? Restore your coordinate measuring machine to OEM specifications and maximize its productivity with authorized calibration services from Trimos Metrology. Unlike third party services, Trimos Metrology certifications and calibrations are performed by factory-trained engineers with the right equipment, knowledge and technical support to keep your CMM performing as accurately and productively as the day it was built.

Do you know when your equipments certification expires or fitting it into your production schedule? Trimos Metrology has implemented an advanced scheduling system, where you will be notified in advance when your machine is due for recertification and or re-calibration. This allows your company to never have your equipments out of certification. Furthermore, you can plan better around your productions needs. Calibration services offer you two options (listed below) on most CMM's, which include either verifying or re-compensating your CMM back to OEM Specifications. Only Trimos Metrology calibration engineers have access to your CMM's volumetric compensation map, are able to correct all 21 volumetric errors using specialized software, and the training to assure the highest levels of system accuracy and repeatability.